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Graphics Design Course

Written By Ruhul on Thursday

Graphics Design Course
Graphics Design Course

Graphics Design Course with Adobe Software:

Adobe Photoshop CS:

What is Photoshop?
Introducing of Photoshop. 
Introducing of Toolbar or Toolbox
Marquee Tool,
Move tool
Lasso Tool
Magic Tool
Magic Wand tool
Crop Tool
Brush Tool
Clone Stamp tool/ Pattern Stamp
History Brush
Eraser Tool
Gradient/Paint Bucket Tool
Blur/Smudge Tool
Douge/Burn/Sponge Tool
Path Selection Tool
Type Tool
Pen Tool
Rectangle Tool
Eye Dropper Tool
Hand Tool
Zoom Tool
Foreground & Background color
Standard mode button
And more.....

Create Effect in Photoshop:

Grid Effect
Rough Edge effect
Sketch effect
Dot border effect
Gradient effect
Cloth effect
Wood frame effect
Metal effect
Text effect
Fire effect
Blood effect
Ray effect etc...

Create background or texture in Photoshop:

Crate Animation in Photoshop image ready.

Important task of Menu bar

Practical work with keyboard shortcut

Practical work  Logo Design and Banner Design.

And More.....

Adobe Illustrator:

Selection Tool,
Pen Tool
Type Tool
Rectangle Tool
Brush/Pencil Tool
Free Transform Tool
Eye Dropper tool
Zoom Tool
Fill button/Box
Color Button
Gradient Button
And more.....

Info palette
Color Palette
Transparency Palette
Stroke Palette
Gradient Palette
Brush Palette
Brushes Palette
Swatches Palette
Layers Palette
Transform Palette
Align Palette
Pathfinder Palette
Character Palette

File Menu
Edit Menu
Object Menu
Type Menu
Filter Menu
Effect Menu
View Menu
Window Menu

Keyboard Shortcut
Dot Line tips

Practical Project:
Visiting Card
Cash Memo/Money Receipt
ID Card
Official Pad
And more.....

Course Fee: 6,000/-

Course Duration: 2 Months